"I have to say that I have had so many wonderful experiences of healing with Debbie. Its amazing how your body is able to heal itself from the inside out.  I have experienced many aches and pains which was related to emotions and past life experiences, which Debbie has helped me heal. Debbie is one of the most caring and loving people you will ever meet. She has developed her skills to help others in a loving and caring way."

K.G. Harris, Maine


"My name is Lisa and, I had an accident. I slipped on my step and feel flat on the back of my head. No hands, no back, no butt... on my head and on concrete.  I was diagnosed with a cervical sprain and was in extreme pain but had to go to work. That day and the next, I had no medication and couldn't sleep and still had to work.  Four days later I had a BodyTalk session.  I had never had one before and figured it couldn't hurt. I wasn't taking the muscle relaxers so my pain and spasms were returning.

Debbie explained to me in detail what she would be doing and how it all worked.  I was intrigued... and, also, in pain. I will do anything to stay away from doctors and medications! I trusted my body to let her know what it needed to heal and trusted Debbie to understand her profession.  I'm glad I did! Less than a week after my session, I have NO PAIN! It gradually just... left! I was walking easier, breathing better and can work comfortably. It is now December 3rd and, I have been completely pain free for a couple days now. Not only that but things seem brighter, my life is lighter like I released something I didn't need. I'm thinking clearer, stupid little mistakes like not discerning left from right went away. I have more patience and stamina when it comes to my job and family. I never noticed these things before. I don't know if it's a side-effect or just me feeling better but, I wanna go again! I have already recommended her to others that are seeking similar help. I hope they call her!  Sincerely."

Lisa T., Columbus, OH


After I received my second session of BodyTalk I noticed approximately  two weeks later my sugar levels have dropped and stabilized. They went from 121, 145, 157, up and down to 94, 89, 85, 101 and have remained below diabetic guidelines for 20 days now. I feel that my brain is now communicating with my pancreas and my body is healing itself.  

G. Davidson, Lima, OH


I am a 50-year old female who has recently had the pleasure of having BodyTalk sessions.  My most recent one was September 21, 2013.  From the beginning, I was very leery about these sessions and a co-worker kept on me, saying how it would help me and my son, because she takes her family so I decided to try a session.  Not only did I try the session but I took my son along with me.  Some of the issues that we were dealing with are:

My son:

1.  Sudden loss of his dad

2.  Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease

3.  Problems with school testing


On the other hand I was dealing with the following, just to name a few:

1.  Lots of stress, taking care of my son, mother and a mentally ill brother

2.  Working rapid rotating shifts with my own health declining

3.  Anger and frustration

4.  Swelling in my legs and ankles

5.  Restless leg syndrome

6.  No patience

7.  Weight

 So since my son has been attending BodyTalk, he has seen incredible results.  My son started off taking medical treatment every two weeks which was a 4-6 hour procedure and four pills a night.  His medical treatment has decreased and he is taking two pills a night and treatments every eight weeks.  He is doing well in school and learning how to tap out his cortices before taking his test at school.  I am very proud to say he is an A/B honor roll student and doing well when it comes to taking his tests.  It was funny, he texted me from school and said, “Mom, we have to call that lady back, because I passed my test”.  So he believes that there is help for him by attending the sessions and looks forward to going back.

He is able to talk about his dad's death and reflect back on things that his father taught him. These BodyTalk sessions brought out anger issues that he was dealing with because of the bad relationship he had with his father. And he is being more open about how he really feels now, without feeling guilty.

I on the other hand can't say enough about Debbie, my BodyTalk Practitioner.  Working with people takes time and that seems to be never enough of what I had.  I am learning to relax and take time for myself.  I have seen results in my legs and ankles and the constant movement is minimal so I can get a good night’s rest.  I feel a great relief of anger and frustration by learning how to deal with past issues from a bad relationship.  I learned that this can cause other issues throughout the body.  It's amazing how it all works.  Learning what is important in life, focus on that with the mind to improve and do better.  I do those things that are right and I am experiencing those results.

I would recommend anyone to try this and see what your results say.

E. Coleman, Lima, OH