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Explanation of Rate Range

I have an unconventional way of approaching the exchange between us.

You'll notice that I have a range for payment from $50 - $75 or in some cases from $75 - $100.

My method is more than a simple "sliding scale".  I leave it up to you to determine how much to pay using a very non-western technique.

It is a part of your journey within.

First, I want you to be able to work with me long-term for maximum benefit if you wish, so I would not want to set fees that are more than someone can afford.  My hope is to create a powerful and personal relationship that continues for as long -- and as often -- as it takes to complete your healing.

Second, this concept must be balanced with your honest assessment of the value to you of what takes place, which ultimately is priceless and beyond any consideration of money.  It is within this dynamic of opposing forces -- how little vs. how much -- that you find your unique answer and an opportunity for more healing.

I encourage you to use Intuition to find a symbolic, powerful number between 50 and 100 that resonates deeply within.  I urge you to let your Heart speak.  Listen to your inner voice provide quidance and gratitude.